Bespoke video in brochures-Affordable video marketing

By 九月 11, 2018Blog

Current video brochures are the leading marketing tool on the market.

Their popularity in recent years has been due to their affordability and modern transformation of customer behavior. The affordability of the video brochure is mainly due to the drop in the price of the LCD display, which makes the integrated video screen suitable for traditional printed brochures. In addition, the LCD screen is highly efficient and slim, producing image quality that is not feasible for mass production five years ago. This means that the LCD video screen is undoubtedly the ideal video screen for custom video brochures. Combined with the brochure design, they form the basis for the production of a brochure that draws the attention of customers in the way that the standard printed brochure has been dreaming of over the past decade.

A notable feature of video brochures is that they operate without any internet connection or wires. We offer a fully charged custom brochure and are available via USB cable. If they want to introduce the power of video brochures to colleagues and family, you can reuse them in multi-day meetings or customers.

Last but not least, no software updates are required to keep the brochure updated. Every brochure we provide is quality tested and the software is extensively tested to ensure your satisfaction. result? Video brochures with video screens are very easy to use. Simply open the brochure and the video will play automatically. simple!

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