Do you want a video box with bright lights?

By 七月 9, 2018Blog

Do you want a video box with bright lights?When you open the box, the light in the inner wall around the box lights up, and a video plays automatically.It is conceivable that the light can illuminate the products in your box, highlighting your products more atmospheric and bright.The detailed description of video, which is 7 inches wide open window, has great significance in commemorating or promoting your product.

1.Screen :Playing video

Customized lcd size :3.6 inch 4.3 inch 5 inch 7 inch 10 inch

2.Light sensor switch: When the box is opened, will automatically start playing the video,close the box will stop the video

3.Button: use to play the video or pause the video

4.Usb:use to connect the USB cable

5.Metal buckle:the lid that supports the box and turns the box when the box is opened

6.Acrylic support plate:can be taken out and placed in the middle of the box(logo customization)

7.Hole of speaker:be used to spreading the sound of video

8.Light barrier:Be used for diffusing light, LED light under light barrier, open the box and it will light up,plaing a rendering effect

9.Finger clasp:easy to open the box

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