factory supplied 10inch LCD video brochure with 2GB memory

By 九月 8, 2020Blog

this is our product,we tell it video brochure ,We add ultra thin LCD Video Screens into cool printing products, people call them many things like Video Brochures, Video Post Cards, Video Mailers, Video Cards. Call them what you like, they are changing the print industry as people want information in a seconds and not read a sales brochure.

Whether used for Direct Mail, Handouts, Point-of-Sale or Proximity Marketing, Product Launches or just cool sales tools, our products and solutions work extremely well to grab attention, cut-through the clutter and help make your message stick, like a toasted marshmallow! This product just loves to get handed around to different people, which is what “YOU” WANT!

We think they’re ‘superstar’ amazing, but, as we don’t like to honk our own horn too loudly, we love for you to see for yourselves.

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