Hardcover Box Video Brochure Sending Card Lcd Display Video Greeting Packing Box Screen

By 八月 19, 2020Blog

Video content is the most popular and important marketing tool of this day and age. How do you break through the flood of advertising to make sure your target audience watches YOUR video? You can deliver your video in a custom printed Video Brochure. A Video Brochure is an LCD embedded into a custom printed softcover or hardcover brochure. With a wide variety of sizes, Video Business CardsVideo BrochuresVideo Mailers, and other display-based products, share your video message with a simple flip. No wires, no networks, no network security concern – it’s a video at your client’s fingertips. All that users have to do is to open your marketing video brochure.

Our clients came from various industries, and we honored to serve them all. We delivered our products from world-known biggest brands and corporations to local individuals and small business owners. Who are they? Theme parks, universities, schools, car dealerships, churches, marketing agencies, insurances, realtors, hospitality companies, hospitals, artists, hotels, non-profits, and many, many more.

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