How to find a manufacturer of the best video brochure?

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How to find a good video brochure supplier
Video marketing already became an indispensable marketing tool, it brings the huge influence than any other advertising, let the customers remember your product in the short seconds. Nowadays, almost every company take a short video of their company’s culture, whatever the customers in the farthest place on earth so close in sight, both can know us more quickly and comprehensively.
A good video always bring customer unique and remarkable feeling, it will let your products stand out from the competition.

Just image, when you saw this product----video brochure, there's a video catch your eyes. It's different from a usual brochure, we'd more like to call it" unique special marketing tools". Besides, there's a different design for it, you can put it inside the card, magazine, acrylic, PU/Leather, cardboard, wood box and so on. We can say it's a special carrier for video. The last but not the least, no matter LCD screen size or memory size, it can be customized according to your requirements. We're sure it always brings surprise to you when you received it. Video brochure is widely used in different application, such as VIP treatment, showcasing your company, promotional products, launching a new product or more. As a special gift for the clients, a video brochure is unique among so many gifts.

It’s a definitely a big project to find a professional cards manufacturer when you want to promote your new products by video brochure. It’s test your judgment very much, and a professional good supplier will bring twice the benefits with half the effort.
This is LULU from Shiny, as a manager with 8 years of experience in video card sales, I’m glad to share our teams’ service experience for you with video brochure needs, and hope these experiences can bring you to make the right choice.

Several keys to choose a good professional manufacturer
Investigation project  influence factor
Google’s ranking of corporate websites The higher the ranking, the stronger the marketing service. An enormous marketing system and a big team support the Construction and Popularization of Enterprise official website, and it can also be the strength of this factory. Some traders’ website is gorgeous but has no real manufacturer. Customers can judge the realness through Web content and the display picture.

1, The Trading company showcases a variety of products, meanwhile, a factory takes a shortage of Live photos. And the photos are blurred.

2, A factory should show High definite Live photos and a video of the introduction.

1, The major trade companies often locate in a business area instead of an industrial zone, for example,**building

2, A factory, which owns a certain-scale, must locate in the *building,**Industrial zone. The Production capacity could not be guaranteed if there is no relevant workshop.

Social media activity The activity of social media plays as much important as an enterprise’s official website. A company which process of diversified network strategy acquires a strong willing of customer service.

Without a doubt, A salesman from a strong team must receive compound training before he gains professional acknowledge skills. The skills which help to save you intangible cost, avoiding many unnecessary troubles such as possible issues when purchasing etc.  So cooperation with this team must be put into consideration.

Qualified for factory inspection :


This is very important if they have passed the SDX or the factory inspection of  Disney. It will help weed out some factories without certification.
Quotation :


Surely, experienced purchasing specialist will sort out the files based on their requirements, and send them to many factories bulky to get the quotation. When receiving the quotation, they have been determined which company to choose to cooperate within their mind.

The factory with such a quotation is preferred by the procurement specialist:

1. Provide price in time.

2. Answer the questions clearly

3. When offering the quotation, let the purchasing specialist know the experience of the factory follow up, the problems during the shipment and predicted problems will happen in the future.

4.Recommend the product s with better cost performance when offering the quotation.

5. Show the photos of the factory.

If the 5 points can be achieved above, the procuring specialist could rust him.

The time of new products  If the purchasing specialist plan to purchase the product, which need some new function, so during the process of negotiation between the factory and you, the factory could provide the very specific time and process about the developing project, and the possible problems. So the factory has own professional R&D department, they are able to develop, and could help the purchasing specialist to slove problem of developing a new product, then the factory is worth to choose.

Complaints department

 It is very important, a good factory always has the CEO contact in the very obvious place of the website, when you worried that the sales may not goods at communicating with you, you can talk to the senior management via the CEO number, to protect your interests.

In conclusion, we can see that the purchasing specialist’s first choice is to choose the factory which with super strong service consciousness. The cost of a mistake is very expensive for all the purchasing specialist. A good factory will help customers to avoid the possible mistakes and avoid the unnecessary loss.
Thanks, Lulu who spent time handling this, hope it could help our customers to tell the best supplier fleetly.

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