Introducing the YouTube SEO algorithm to increase the video click rate?

By 十二月 6, 2018Blog

YouTube has more than one billion users worldwide. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and popular websites on the Internet today. In the eyes of SEO staff, YouTube is also a website with huge free traffic, which can introduce a little bit. Just enough website to digest for a long time, not fast to upload your product video?

First, YouTube’s ranking algorithm
Websites are very user-oriented. Google is like this. YouTube is also like this. They all want users to see what they like and valuable when they visit the website.
The way YouTube observes the user experience is to analyze their interactions with the video, roughly starting with: views, average viewing time, reflow rate, and level of interaction (likes, dislikes, and comments). The behavior directly understands their perception of the film, which is organized and placed into YouTube Analysis for viewers of the video to watch.
In order to use YouTube to achieve the desired benefits, content is the key to success. If you upload a low-quality video, but want to use a vivid, exaggerated title to deceive the visitor click, it will not improve the video’s ranking on YouTube.
Therefore, in order to effectively improve the rankings, many YouTube will also put a slogan such as “Please support likes, comments or sharing” at the end of the video to enhance the interaction between users and videos, thereby improving the ranking and video reach.
In addition, uploading videos frequently is also an important indicator that affects ranking. If you regularly update your videos on YouTube, YouTube can use data analysis to know that this is an account that actively produces content and increase the proportion of videos in search rankings.

Second, set the basic information of the film
Uploading YouTube videos, basic information such as titles, bids, tags, etc. are very important. If the settings are obtained, there are keywords with high search volume, and YouTube can use this information to make better matches between video and visitor search results. More visitors who are interested in video topics see the video.
If you don’t know how to set up these materials, you can first check out the video of the same theme. How do you describe the video files in the first few places? Pay special attention to:
• Are there any important keywords in these video messages?
• What is the title content to describe?
• What is the movie label?
A good example of analysis can speed up learning and optimize the effectiveness of video uploads.
Third, decide the video keyword
To set a keyword for the basic information of a video, you must first understand the composition of the keyword. The composition of the keyword can be broken into “word”, “word” and “phrase”. In short, if the title is set to “fast look The college entrance examination must win the cheats!”, the keywords that can be split into this title are “high school entrance examination”, “winning”, “cheats” and “high school entrance exam cheats”.
Therefore, each word of the basic information is important and needs to be specially designed. You can use keyword analysis tools such as Google Search Console, SEMrush, and SEOProfiler to quickly find popular and searchable keywords.
There are also tools for analyzing YouTube videos and channels – VIDIQ and TubeBuddy. By entering a video URL on their website, you can directly see the video and channel information of your competitors, from the average viewing time, the video tag used, and the user interaction. Both of these tools have free and paid features that can be set according to the user’s needs.

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