What Are The Differences Between Softcover and Hardcover Video Brochure

By 三月 16, 2020Blog

In general, if we need to make a quotation, we need to get a lot of information from customers including the size of a product, screen size, the number of buttons, memory, and quantity, and so on. One of the interesting things about this is the difference between softcover and hardcover.
For many customers, it is difficult for them to choose the video greeting cards. So I’m going to talk about what are the difference between the Hardcover Brochure and the Softcover Brochure?

I have outlined the following points.

Hardcover Brochure:

  1. The hardcover one was added Coated Paper, so it is heavier and expensive than softcover one;
  2. But it has a lot better texture and looks more high-grade;
  3. This kind of products is more exquisite;
  4. If you are interested in delicate and beautiful, you can consider the hardcover.

Softcover Brochure:

  1. It can be made into Two Folds(without cover) and Four Folds(with cover), you are free to choose whether you need the product with the cover or not;
  2. Its shell is softer and it’s lighter;
  3. The cost is lower than the hardcover one;
  4. But it’s easy to crease.

Next, we analyze the use scenario of softcover and hardcover:

  1. Softcover video brochures are more widely used. Because it is very light and easy to carry.
  2. Hardcover video brochures are more elaborate and are often used for business occasions or as collectibles and business gifts.

Whether you choose hardcover or softcover, the video brochure can definitely be a good carrier of various emotions. With this simple card, a lot of things become simple too!

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