Why can short video be a marketing tool?

By 十一月 5, 2018Blog

Short video marketing is a kind of content marketing. It mainly uses short video to select target users to spread valuable content, attract users to understand the core mechanism of enterprises and products, products also include our services, and ultimately promote transactions. In short video marketing, identify our users and create valuable content.

1. Short video and other marketing methods are different. It is more dominant in the form of expression. It not only has traditional expressions such as text, pictures and sound, but also has some special effects crowns to make your marketing process more powerful. Contagious, allowing users to be attracted to your content at a glance, and to be able to show the fullerness of the video.
2. In the appeal to the user is currently incomparable to any medium, let alone its playing time is a 24-hour system, allowing users to view anytime, anywhere, more important things it can attract users’ attention, The use of some sound processing and the conversion of sound effects make people seem to be trapped in it.
3. Short video is more in line with the current people’s visual experience. According to your brain acceptance and mobile usage habits, according to research data, people’s visual experience for short videos is far more than some serials and movies. It is also easier for users to accept than words to people, and brain processing. Visualizing content is more than 60,000 times faster than plain text, so short and short videos seem to be more in line with the need for entertainment and social networking in time-fragmented scenarios.
4. Save people’s time. Under the current fast-paced lifestyle, people don’t have much leisure time to watch some TV series, because time is getting more and more precious, people’s time costs are getting higher and higher, and short videos are more suitable for people because of time. Time schedule.

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