Come on for the College Entrance Examination! Fighting!

By 四月 30, 2020Blog
Driven by dreams, cherish good times.

Due to the epidemic, most of the companies in China have been affected to resume work and finally resumed from the end of February to the beginning of March. For students who are still studying, the start time of this term can only be pushed again and again. Especially for students who will take the college entrance examination in June this year, this will undoubtedly directly affect their graduation exams. Not long ago, the Education Bureau announced that the time for this year’s college entrance examination was postponed to July of this year. This also earned precious preparation time for senior three students.
Recently, senior high school students in many places have started school. This is a picture of the students’ hard review. The students have taken sufficient protective measures. Everyone is focusing on reviewing!
We hope they can overcome all difficulties and achieve their own satisfactory results! Everything will be better!

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