Future development prospects of digital signage

By 八月 28, 2018Blog

Now when you walk in passenger stations, stations, museums, schools, restaurants, conference venues, banks, hospitals, convenience stores, airports, department stores, food courts, etc., you must have noticed the release of movie trailers, car schedules, Weather, advertising, event information and other information, the digital signage system has been incorporated into our lives unconsciously.

Multi-functional digital signage, in addition to general audio-visual information display, also began to add new features such as face recognition, Bluetooth transmission, and other new features. In addition, with the enhancement of network, touch and other technologies, two-way interactive function has become an important trend of digital signage.

Digital signage is an advertising billboard for electronically processing traditional paper advertisements via network and online advertisements. Due to the wider form of networkization, electronic posters, electronic menus, electronic banners, and electronic business cards have appeared. , electronic tags and other ways of expression. Digital notices are characterized by interactivity, dynamics, diversity, geography, audio and video, focus, presence and immediacy.

Digital signage is an inevitable trend after the convergence of modern technology. According to media research, there are three main reasons for its rise: the first is the LCD panel factory to expand the production line, the touch technology is mature, the product price declines and the rapid popularity; the second is The content of media content is changing with each passing day. Through dynamic audio and video technology such as 3D animation, the content of advertisements becomes more and more interesting. The third is the popularity of the Internet and the increase of bandwidth, which improves the immediacy and convenience of digital numbering and layout. There is more and more room for development in the notice market.

Marketing new weapon: digital signage system

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