Music Card from Shiny

By 三月 20, 2020Blog

Now it is the 21st century. In the era of so advanced technology, most of the information is transmitted through electronic devices. But why do music cards still have a place in the market? Especially in European and American markets. I think this is a cultural heritage.

With the advancement of science and technology, music greeting cards in the 21st century glow with strong creativity and vitality. Through a variety of small components and people’s design inspiration, under the branch of music greeting cards, a variety of products have emerged.

we have many kinds of special effects greeting cards, including recording cards, touch cards, pop cards, projection cards, sulfate paper cards, glitter cards, framed cards, magic mirror cards, and motor cards.

An electric wobbly cards, when we open it, the person will jump up and down with the music, it looks like the person is dancing and transfer our happiness.
A music handbag, the music will start when the bag is opened and it will stop when the bag is closed……

The emergence of any new thing must have the promotion and foundation of old things. What we have been doing is constantly innovating.
We welcome new ideas and new designs. If you have a good design, Shiny is willing to work with you to achieve it.

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