Video brochure A5 4.3inch LCD Product introduction

By 八月 14, 2018Blog

Video brochure: The basic principle material configuration is the cardboard + TFT high-definition screen + USB port. The paper jam is made of hard-hardened copper paper, which not only protects the built-in display and the motherboard, but also the printing process. Bringing a beautiful and fashionable feeling, and the resolution of TFT HD display reaches 480*272, which can fully meet the aesthetic requirements of modern people. The 2.0 mini USB interface is configured to make it more convenient for consumers to operate. From the choice of machine materials and the recognition of the brand of the solution provider, SHINY video brochures are destined to become the leader in the video brochure industry in the future.

A5 4.3 inch LCD video brochure detailed technical parameters
Resolution: 480*272
Video format: AVI (xvid), WMV (SP/MP), H.264BP, FLV, RM/RMVB, H.263, etc. Full format to D1 (720*576) 30fps video file playback
Material: paper card + TFT screen + USB port
Battery: rechargeable lithium battery
Power: Built-in 3.7V guest rechargeable lithium battery or USB5V power adapter
Port: 2.0USB interface, can be charged by USB cable, can upload and download video
Design: Customizable guest video and customized guest print content jam
Operation instructions: The magnetic control switch is easy to operate: open the greeting card, that is, play the video; close the greeting card, the video is closed
System requirements: XP/Vista/Windows7/Mac, etc.

The front of the 4.3-inch video brochure is not only fashionable but also has a strong business atmosphere. Can print any pattern of customers, the panel is fastened and sturdy, which reflects the good workmanship. The customer theme is clear, the advertising effectiveness is significant, and the portability is very high.

The side of the 4.3-inch video brochure has a beautifully designed edge and a beautiful body. The slim body not only gives you a portable operation but also gives you a beautiful visual enjoyment. The side-designed hidden 2.0 mini UBS port, the stylish design does not cover its practical performance.

The opening of the 4.3-inch video brochure will make the consumer shine. As a new generation product, there are enough reasons to attract the consumer group. When it is opened, the video advertisement will start to play, and the perfect combination of dynamic and sound will reach the advertisement. Effect.

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