Video brochure and short video marketing era has arrived

By 十月 30, 2018Blog

With the rapid development and popularization of intelligent hardware and network, when traffic, bandwidth, cost and terminal are no longer a problem, especially driven by video mobile, video information and video social trends, short video marketing is becoming a new brand marketing outlet.Capital keeps pouring in. Today’s top news, netease cloud music and other giants are rushing to test the waters. Whether short video is really the next big trend of content entrepreneurship or not, short video is really getting more and more hot at the moment.The trend of traffic, major brand owners also successively layout short video marketing front.

Even McDonald’s, a 77-year-old brand, is venturing into short video marketing.

In April 2017, the well-being McDonald’s and the world’s most popular short video platform, Snapchat, quietly launched a ” Snapchat recruitment.” Want to come to McDonald’s to work? Please use Snapchat to get a personalized interview resume! McDonald’s said that the interviewer “set” a virtual McDonald’s work uniform in Snapchat, then showed his talents, advantages, and sent the video to McDonald’s in a ten-second video. If your video is interesting enough and enough, McDonald’s will pass, and they will inform you to go to the next interview.

Displaying personal talents with video is no longer a new practice in the recruitment process. Social platforms are also very common for recruiting. However, when these two combinations are combined, the gameplay and “brain hole” in Snapchat will increase. Of course, recruitment is just a gimmick for McDonald’s test short video marketing. Compared to the brand’s communication, the behavior is obviously greater than the seriousness of recruitment. McDonald’s also became popular on the Internet because of this move, becoming the topic center of the major editors.

Short videos are more expressive formats, short videos are social cards for new humans, and short videos are a favorite language for the brain.

Therefore, short video can be embedded in a card with an LCD screen to show customers a great choice. It is also called a video brochure.

Video Brochures in their simplest terms are a hand assembled card based product with either a TFT or LCD screen housed in them. They have an onboard sound chip and USB memory for holding video content.

Once a user receives one and opens it a video will autoplay (with sound) and greet the user with product information / an intro about a business and much more.
Video brochures are built to blow away your prospects. Using the latest technology and attractive marketing techniques, the video brochure works incredibly well with high-end products such as cars or real estate. More often than not, just a single sale will cover the costs of production and design. However, video brochures usually perform much better than that – don’t be surprised if you get double or triple your usual returns on a brochure marketing campaign.

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