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Technology has opened a world of new opportunities for businesses to promote their brands effectively. The latest innovation is Video Brochures. Video can be a highly emotive and very powerful tool for marketing your brand, as they bring life to your presentation and capture viewers’ focus on your product or service. The way we consume media has changed, and so has audience behaviour and expectations. A Video Brochure engages viewers by combining the visual and audio power of video with the warmth and homely feel of print advertising to communicate your brand in an unprecedented way. Businesses can now showcase themselves using a targeted marketing message along with high quality video. It’s targeted, measurable and shareable. You don’t get that with a traditional media spend.
What are Video Brochures?
Video Brochures are paper-thin, high quality, full motion video content that can be inserted into any print or digital media. A Video Brochure combines a high quality marketing video with your printed marketing message in one easy to distribute, comprehensive package. Video Brochures are interactive, visually stimulating and fully engage your clients with the facts about your product or service. The beauty of Video Brochures is you can tell your story exactly how you want to, time and time again.
Why use Video Brochures?
When it comes to marketing your brand, Video Brochures provide ultimate versatility. Their use is virtually limitless, including direct mail, magazine inserts, educational and training manuals, corporate reports, retail marketing and promotional branding campaigns. Not convinced? Studies have shown that video increases buying decisions by 72% over plain print and boosts comprehension and retention by 50%. Importantly, 75% of consumers prefer video presentations to that of plain printed information.
Video has rapidly become one of the most credible, engaging and low-cost marketing mediums, as its flexibility enables it to be distributed through multiple platforms from virtually every corner of the world, 24 hours a day. Watching videos is among the top three most popular activities on social media; people are a lot more likely to share a video than they are a link to a website. This can enhance your web presence, converting ‘surfing’ enquiries into solid sales and keeping your website on the front page of Google search results. Crucially, Video Brochures add authenticity and value to your brand, allowing potential clients to make an informed choice to purchase your product or use your service. Whether it’s part of a highly targeted mail-out or a post-meeting leave behind, a Video Brochure will ensure you stand out and deliver your brand in a cutting edge, innovative manner.
Video brochure heshengcards is a leader in the use of this innovative technology. We can create a Video Brochure for a myriad uses to promote your brand. Contact us for a demonstration. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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