Video marketing advantage

By 一月 21, 2019Blog

Video marketing refers to the marketing means that enterprises put various video clips on the Internet in various forms to achieve certain propaganda purposes. Video includes: TV commercials, online videos, promotional videos, micro-movies and more. The form of online video advertising is similar to TV video clips, but the platform is on the Internet. The combination of “video” and “internet” gives this innovative marketing format the advantages of both.
1.Viral spread
When netizens see classic, interesting, and funny videos, they are always willing to spontaneously spread. Video is like a virus spreading rapidly on the Internet.
2. Target accuracy
The biggest difference between video marketing and traditional marketing is that it can accurately find the potential consumers that the company is looking for, and consumers can quickly find the video they want to watch.
3. Share convenient instant feedback interaction
Social media has long occupied an important part of our daily lives, and video is the key to our participation in social media interaction and sharing.
4. Entertainment and teaching can be inspiring
Compared with photos, texts, and audio, videos can cause emotional reactions, or make people laugh, or provoke tears, or make people think.
5. Viewing is easy to convert into buying behavior
Let the product purchase link appear on the overlay of the video description bar, the text surrounding the video frame, the banner, or the video play window, which will allow the audience to click directly to purchase the product.
6. The effect can be measured
The number of times the video was played, the number of people who commented on the comments by the netizens really reflected the effect of the communication, and let the company guide “where is the cost of each?”

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