Why Video Print’s Video Brochures?

By 一月 3, 2019Blog

If you’re looking for a memorable way to get your message out to potential customers and clients, video brochures offer the ideal solution for conferences, trade shows, seminars, point-of-sale contacts, and other events. The possibilities for using this amazing technology are infinite.

When you open the video brochure, a magnetic sensor will enable a video to start playing automatically on the built-in LCD video screen. If you have chosen to include buttons, you can press the play button or choose from several video options using different buttons, giving the user the feel of an interactive catalog. Buttons may also include volume, start/stop, channel buttons, forward and a pause button. Each brochure includes a rechargeable battery which can play for up to 2 hours. The real freedom of video brochures, however, is that you can recharge the battery for additional viewing and upload new videos by connecting the included micro USB cable to the USB port on the brochure.

Video brochures will transform your marketing strategy by offering you new options for getting your message out in a unique and memorable way. Consider some of these potential benefits:

  • Interactive marketing material that cuts through advertising clutter.
  • Add a personal, warm touch not available through print alone.
  • Carry forward your company’s branding and messaging in a memorable way.
  • Modify messaging after production as needed.
  • Generate new leads and track performance.
  • Create unique content for a specifically targeted audience, with the option to change content for each venue.

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