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What’s a video brochure?

The video brochure is a physical (usually folded) combination of audio, video, and print.
Heshengcards has the capacity to produce more than 10,000 video brochures per week.
This leads to super fast delivery times and only the best quality video brochures at the best prices!


Video brochure in Auto Sales
Our video brochures offer many button functions, with a larger size of “10” inches while maintaining a sense of scale. These larger video brochures are more eye-catching and can easily be used in car shows and trade shows.
Video brochure in supermarkets
If you want to make a first impression, our video brochure is where you want to go. These brochures will give you the greatest ability to convey your brand information. At a fruit supermarket, for example, video brochures can update your fruit’s fresh selling points and special offers.
Video brochure in wedding anniversary
Surprise your partner with this unique wedding anniversary card and the video screen on your special day. It’s a truly unique gift, and it can also be used as a wedding invitation to tell your family how special they have a private video that they can play at any time.
Video brochure in real estate
As a real estate salesman, I not only make phone calls and make appointments, but also prepare materials for home visits. When the client sees the video brochure in your hand and the introduction of video about the real estate information, there is no more interactive and definite information than video brochure, which contributes to the success of selling the house.

Why choose Heshengcards?


Our success has been founded on our firm commitment to delivering the highest quality video brochure products and providing customers and clients with the best level of service.


We will always provide you with a realistic turnaround time and will never take on an order that we cannot fulfil or meet the required deadline. This means there will be no disappointments.


Our rigorous quality assurance testing both in the factory and office guarantees that your order is carefully created and processed, so you always receive the highest quality product.

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